Affiliate Programs: Are You Another Online Victim?

Those Aspiring To Make Money Online, Be Aware

Trying to make a decent income for my family has made me fall victim to these merciless people. I will not mention names here, but I want to let you take precautions before it’s too late. I have run into debts in the name of trying to make money online using other people’s programs.

Affiliate Programs:

If you do not have your products, or if someone cannot let you browse the products you are about to buy online, or the program they are asking you to join, before choosing whether you want it or not, forget it; chances are that you are just about to become another online victim.

Every affiliate program on the Internet promises to make you rich online. Are the promoters rich, as they claim? If they were really rich and know quick methods of making you rich, why are they online trying to hunt for someone to make you rich? The only reason they are online is not to make you rich but to hunt for people to make themselves rich. How? Scamming you, of course! Draining your bank

dry on monthly dues promises to make you rich. They tell you that they will only give you part of what you are giving them if you sign in with another person, so because you want to get rich, you go hunting for that person to help you get your commissions, and the cycle continues. When you go to their forums and ask who is becoming a millionaire using the program, likely, you will get no straight answer.

The truth is that if they were suddenly becoming rich in no time, their neighbors would surround them with curiosity wanting to get that rich, they will not look for people, people will look for them, and everybody will want to have an audience with them, their appointment books will be so full they will hardly have time to have an audience with anyone, leave alone spending time on their computers spamming people for prospective Signups.

Signs that you are about to become an online victim

* The scammers are very clever people; their signup pages are mostly very long, with enticing, sweet, juicy stories about those who have used their programs and become rich but give you very little information about what they are about to offer you.

* They are quick to get their hands on your contacts or email address as this is their mainstream to stay in business. The terms and conditions are cleverly concealed. You never get to know the nasty bits before signing up. Even when you sign up, they don’t live up to their promise; sometimes, they give you broken links or get very shallow eBooks. That information is written by someone who has lifted I t from someone else and does not know what they are talking about or cannot handle the topic exhaustively.

Affiliate Programs:

* Sign up now, and I will show you how to earn $1000 daily. So you have seen the slogan many a time! After signing up, they will start giving you links to promote so that you get paid if others join through you, most of them you have paid them through so many of their other affiliate programs, you expect your money to be working for you, but you are lost, what you are giving them is for their pockets, get them more people to rob so they can give you a share of what you have helped them get in their game.

* Create your money-making machine in a few simple steps that I will show you. Sign up now! Why can’t they tell you about the programs before you sign up, so you make an informed decision? Later you find yourself working with systems you don’t understand; you get stuck with products and programs you don’t want. They have already chosen the programs to join or products to sell; all you

need to do is give your credit card details to start earning money. It’s supposed to be an autopilot; at the end of the day, you will be exhausted trying to make money with programs that nobody wants to join, and you keep paying your monthly dues to several programs within the system, hoping that one day you are going get few signups and start making money as the gurus do


Affiliate Programs:

* Your email will not be collected or sold to any third parties. The truth is that they are email collectors and are selling it off to cash in. Where do you think those promising to get you a million viewers are coming from? As you sign up, you are counted among them. The moment you give out your email, you open your inbox to lots of junk mail. They give you an unsubscribe option, but they are only using a strategy to know which email addresses are active. You are only opening up to more unwanted emails. Do not follow those unsubscribe instructions; if you get an email you don’t know its source, delete it.

* A limited Time offer, if you sign up by midnight, you will get a Mr. A video on how to outsmart the Google ad words or create your Winning Campaign, plus many more bonuses that are hard to resist. This is their strategy to create the need for urgency in you. We all love Free products, don’t we? and we all love to save, don’t we? The lure of thinking you are getting products worth $600 for Free, just for probably $40, is too irresistible. The scammers also know that if they give you as much time as you want, you will have enough time

to research them, know who they are and change your mind. To Scammers, Even if they will only make $10 off you before you discover they are scammers, it’s enough because you are not the only one they are making $10 from, millions have fallen victims, and for them, it quickly adds up.

Affiliate Programs:

* This is a one-time offer; you will only see this page once- again, the need for urgency strategy and playing on man’s fear of losing. We never want to lose those one-in-a-lifetime chances, Do we?

* Sign-up is Free. They always tell you to sign up is free, but there is always a catch; you will later find out you are only signing for a few days, and they will not sign you up unless you have filled in your credit card details so that when your trial period expires, automatically, the money is taken off your card. Or they will ask you if it’s a prerequisite to join another paid program they recommend

to benefit from their free services of helping you become rich. They are very clever; they know that you will likely forget to cancel your subscription, and you will only remember after they deducted your first installment. Of course, they will be gone with the cash by this time.

* When you want to unsubscribe, a page pops up. Do you want to permanently unsubscribe and have your email blocked, not to subscribe again? A strategy designed to cause fear in you, so you change your mind. After unsubscribing, the same will automatically tell you that you are welcome to join or immediately offer you a chance to subscribe again. Some will give you a limited-time offer; if you want to change your mind and subscribe again, you have only 48hours to contact them and renew your subscription.

* If you have been trying to market online, then you know what I am talking about. Probably you have tried many programs promising to make you rich unsuccessfully.

The problem is that they are not making you rich, and they are making themselves rich. When you give them your credit card details, you have permitted them to steal from you constantly.

If you want to make yourself rich online, I recommend that.

* You join programs that are completely free to join, with no catch-up whatsoever. If they promise it’s free, join and see what happens and get time to know as much as there is to learn about them before you start upgrading to paid subscriptions.

* Look at the programs; how are they advertising themselves? Are they giving you long stories and testimonies about how so and so joined and made thousands in a few weeks without telling you about themselves exhaustively?

* Are they allowing you to agree to their rules and regulations before taking your email address, or are they quickly prompting you to signup?

* How is the credibility of the program you want to join? Please take a few seconds and search the engine and see what is there on the Internet about them. And also see whom they are associated with. Are they people or companies that you would like yourself to associate with?

Affiliate Programs that I will recommend

Affiliate Programs:

You can get thousands of links from LinkShare to promote your website if you have your website. They only deal with high-end companies, so rest assured that you are in the right hands.

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This site offers you a chance to have a domain name plus web hosting or site builder for $10/month. What you do with the site is up to you.

I recommend those two because they have strict rules and regulations governing their affiliates and merchants. The links you get are free of charge. It’s up to you to decide how and where to promote them to get money.