Marketing your website – How to use articles, auctions and affiliates.

Your website is like your business. In some cases, it may be an extension of your company, and in other cases, it may be your business. Each of these must be addressed in your advertising campaign to the maximum within your budget.

Let’s look at the best ways to use these advertising methods.

Use Articles to Market Your Website

Marketing your website – How to use articles, auctions and affiliates.

A short article is a great way of driving traffic to your site. Articles can be used to keep your website content fresh, so customers return. Other website owners can also use them to promote your site. By placing your article on article submission websites, others can download it and use it in their newsletters or on their sites. There are links within the article that will take you to your website for additional information, reviews, etc. These links are very useful as they can help you improve your ranking in search engines.

You can write about any topic, and there are many article submission sites that you can use to submit your articles. Many are free because they require new information to keep their customers coming back. is a new article submission website that I created to give you an overview of how one works. If your articles are related to small businesses or home-based businesses, feel free to post them on this site.

Use Affiliates to Market Your Website

Affiliate programs allow you to market your products and services by adding thousands of salespeople.

I have been involved in many businesses over the years. One thing I remember from my Amway days is that I was limited as an individual. I can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a semaine, 52 weeks per year. I will reach the maximum sales level that I am capable of handling. Once that point is reached, I’m done. Automating and having others do what I do is the only way to accomplish more. This is also true for the internet. To increase our sales, we need to automate and duplicate our work. Duplication is the first step in this equation. It is possible to have others do the same thing as us and then sell our

products or services. We also get a share of the profits. This is different from having employees. Employees are not required to sell. They are overhead and must be paid regardless of sales occur. This is not what you want to do for your new business. You can save your hard-earned cash for other things. We need someone willing to work part-time for a portion of the profits. Affiliate programs are key to our success formula. Affiliates partner with websites to promote and advertise products, services or information for a share of the profits. You pay an affiliate a percentage of any sales made by someone they refer. Result? Result?

What other benefits can an affiliate program provide?

You can drive more visitors to your website!

Increase brand awareness by attracting more visitors to your site from the thousands or hundreds of affiliates who are advertising for it.

Marketing your website – How to use articles, auctions and affiliates.

You can get qualified to follow up to upsell or increase your sales.

You can increase the links linking to your site, improving its ranking on search engines. This will result in more traffic and sales.

Affiliate programs come in many forms. Many affiliate programs charge a membership fee. Others do not. Some programs are web-based, while others are software programs you can load on your computer. You can set up the sales and affiliate tracking yourself. It is up to you which one you choose. These are the ones I’ve found.

Affiliate Net: This affiliate program is the most affordable on the server side. This software does not have monthly fees but only one-time software charges. The package was priced between $49.95 and $99.95 at the time of writing. Referral Software – Although server-side, this package is more expensive but has more features. It is worth considering if you want to make a lot of money from your Internet business. This package was $299.00 at the time of writing.

Click Bank: This affiliate program is web-based. You can sign up for their website to access more than 100,000 affiliates. Monthly and setup fees are charged.

clixGalore affiliate networks: This is an online-based affiliate program. Monthly and setup fees are charged.

I highly recommend affiliate programs. These are the main reasons. They will drive more traffic to your website, which can lead to more sales. Once you have completed the client’s transaction, you can also use the affiliate program to offer other services and earn a commission. This could be an excellent business idea all on its own.

Use auctions for marketing your website

Okay, so you have a product you want to market. It would help if you told people about it and had limited funds. Imagine a Super Mall that attracts over 3,000,000 customers every day. It’s a Super Mall!

Ask any businessperson what they would pay for a place in a mall with 3 million people daily. The dollar signs are visible in their eyes, both in terms of cost and potential sales. Remember the goal I set earlier in the course when we discussed business planning? According to my business plan, I need 4200 visitors per month to my website to sell 420 copies. E-Bay receives 3 million visitors per day! Do you think eBay might be a good place to advertise your books or website? You bet! You can sell many of my books on eBay, bottles and baseball cards, clothing, shoes, computers, software, training videos, and more. You can too.

Let’s look at my Weekend Chef’s Guides and see if I can sell them on eBay or Yahoo Auctions. First, I will need to create an account. It is easy, but it will vary depending on the person you sign up for. You can follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to learn how to make real money with auctions. Now that you have created an account, it is time to sell. The auction site is your website. We need to create a page that sells your

product/service. Auction Wizard 2000 is the software I use. You can try the program for 60 days without having to register. It’s so simple to use. Auction Wizard allows me to create an auction page, post it, and then repost it as necessary to any of the supported auctions. You don’t need to have any HTML knowledge. Fill in the blanks, add graphics or pictures, and you’re done. It can track sales, send emails to successful bidders, track inventory, and many other features. This software is worth a look if you’re thinking about doing auctions.

Now, back to building my business and selling my guides. You can link to my website and offer a free copy of a few chapters. I will need your email address before you can download the book. Keep in mind that I want to keep you coming back. E-Bay doesn’t like you selling beyond their auction, so make sure the visitor isn’t allowed to purchase from your site via that link. Now that we have given away a chapter from the book, we have the visitor’s

email address, and hopefully, we will get a bid for the product/service. We have the email address to follow up if not. How much did it cost? E-Bay’s auctions cost …. how much are you willing to pay for it? My Weekend Chef’s Guide To Sushi will cost me about 30 cents per week if I list it on E-Bay at a starting price of $1. To reach millions of customers per day, 30 cents, I can sell the book and get my 30c back. I also start building my customer email lists.

Although I could write a whole website about auctions, this page focuses on how to use them for marketing your business. Either sell the items and make money, or you can list them and build a customer base to market later. Auctions are a great way for your business to be promoted.

You can find more information on auctions on my website at Or visit my eBay store to see other eBooks I offer.

Use Autoresponders to Market Your Website

Autoresponders can automate some or all of your website business depending on what products, services, or information you sell. An autoresponder is a software that scans email for specific words or phrases and then responds to you according to your preferences. You may have received a newsletter via email. My autoresponder has defined a series of actions to send you the newsletter once the subject has subscribed. Autoresponders can also follow up with customers at predetermined times by sending them a letter. This can be a great way to drive traffic to your website after they have left their

email address. For example, you could ask them to sign up for a newsletter, download a chapter from an e-book, or any other information you have made public. To increase my income, I send 4 emails to everyone requesting my guidance. Every email informs them about other services and benefits that are available. As an incentive, some emails offer discounts or free training classes. It all happens without me being involved.

You can install autoresponders on your computer or use them via the internet. Some are free, while others require payment. You can pay by email address or depending on how many responses you wish to program. These are links to free autoresponders and a sample software package you can download.

Promasoft is the one that we use with our servers. I highly recommend it. You can also get a free trial of the full version. Once it is up and running, it places a header in your outgoing emails. It is an excellent program.

GetResponse is another great program. However, it is a subscription-based service. This can be a cheaper way to test out an autoresponder. You can also get a free account.

This is the first part of a multi-part series on Marketing your website. We will be covering marketing your website with banner ads and classified ads in the next section.